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Body Contouring (Ultrasound Cavitation and Radiofrequency)

Ultrasonic cavitation 
Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive, nonsurgical procedure. The nozzle of the machine is directed to special areas of the skin with excess subcutaneous tissue (fat). The low-frequency sound waves influence the fat layer with the heating and vibrating, this action destroys the fat cells and removing them from the body in a natural way as a liquid. This method flushes fat from the body without any surgical treatment.

How does it work?

Ultrasonic cavitation enables concentrated sonic energy to be directed only at localized treatment areas and is thus capable of selectively disrupting the subcutaneous fat cells through thousands of microscopic implosions impacting the fat cell membranes. After the breakdown of adipose tissue (fat cell membrane), fat is released into the interstitial fluid between cells, where it is metabolized into glycerol and free fatty acids.

Water-soluble glycerol travels into the circulatory system to generate energy while insoluble free fatty acids enter the liver to be decomposed like any other simple fatty acids.

Radiofrequency (RF)

Radiofrequency is a method that modifies lines and wrinkles within the skin by increasing collagen production in the skin layers.

The radiofrequency treatment speeds up the metabolism of skin cells, which makes the skin more elastic and tight.

Benefits of Radiofrequency:

Stimulate fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin fibers, thus triggering a separate skin tightening effect.

Stimulate and damage adipocytes (fat cells) to release fat into the bloodstream (adipocytes are very fragile in comparison to fibroblasts or other tissue cells).

How does it work?

With the deep radiofrequency energy the dermis and subcutaneous layer are heated simultaneously, forcing collagen fibers to contract. The contracting fibers pull on and tighten the skin, creating an immediate effect. Fibroblasts’ metabolism also increases, producing new collagen fibers
which the last long-term.

Most of the RF energy enters the deeper dermal layer, causing the dermis to thicken. This decreases wrinkle depth and leaves skin firmer with increased, lifted contour. As a result of radiofrequency’s skin stimulating effects, original collagen proteins become stronger to increase the production of new collagen proteins.

The results of treatment:
Lifts and tightens the skin Tightens enlarged pores on cheek
Lifts the jawline Removes wrinkles
Improves of scars and stretch marks Stimulates the skin cells to renew
Stimulates blood circulation Makes the skin more elastic
Createa a fresh skin complexion

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